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Gone, but not Forgotten!

Adam Carter

Adam was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and lived in Orlando for college for 4 years. During this time, he tried to figure out what his passion was after a significant moment happened in his life. It wasn't until Summer 2013, when he took classes at Truthful Acting Studios, that gave him a life-changing move. Adam is now a Meisner Graduate from the Studio, and will always be a member of the Vaudeville Central Florida Improv and Performing Arts.

Carmen Borja

Carmen is originally from Queens, NY. When she's not busy putting out fires at work, she's having a blast with her TA family. Spending quality time with her loved ones is the most important thing to her, and, of course, partaking in the occasional retail therapy doesn't hurt either. She does what she loves and she loves what she does!

Daniel Alonso

Daniel is an amateur improvisational comedian and has been active since early 2015. Although graduated from the University of Central Florida for Experimental Studies in Animation, Daniel's passionate interest in comedy of both the written and improvisational forms is something that has followed him since the early days of his adolescence. He studied the basics of improvisation with local students through UCF's club, The Improv Academy, during the 2015 spring         semester, before joining Vaudeville Central Florida Improv & Performing Arts.  

Elizabeth 'DeeDee' Strauss
DeeDee has been interested in the performing arts since she was a girl. As an Autumn Rose, she chose Truthful Acting Studios for the serious and joyous study of acting. DeeDee has worked in independent films and a Web series.
Elba Marina Reyes-Buchanan 
Hailing from the "Concrete Jungle" (the Bronx, NY, to be more specific), this 27-year-old fireball is full of energy and life. With the arts as her fuel, she braves her world, takes no prisoners, and leaves a mark wherever she goes.  Singing, making people laugh, and being creative are her main passions. She is currently studying the Meisner approach at Truthful Acting Studios and is always seeking new ways to express herself.

Erika Barbanica

Erika is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area with a diverse film crew background. She is a graduate of Truthful Acting Studios.

Jared 'Edge' Miller

He's here, too.


Born and Raised in Chicago, Jawana is a diverse artist. Her goal in life is to artistically pull a successful Pinky and the Brain. She fell in love with acting when she realized it was the only profession that would allow her to whole heartedly immerse herself in all of her interests, travel to eras that are no more, and live them as if she were there. All in the name of ART. 

Let Art reflect Me, and I reflect Art. For We both are the true essence of Life.” 

                                        ~ Jawana

Jonathin 'Danger' Vazquez

Jonathin loves discussing Existentialism, super healthy water, and has an excessive farting problem.

Jordan “The Beard” Sanders 

Jordan has a really epic beard.

Kris Louis 

Kris is already famous in his own mind. He enjoys shopping at various thrift stores, hoping to someday recreate Macklemore's "Thrift Shop", walking up behind strangers and using his air horn app, and sampling different nasal sprays.

His least favorite quote is "Never miss a good chance to shut up." -Will Rogers 

Matt Townsend
Matt came to us all the way from Terre Haute, IN. He is a graduate of SAK Comedy Lab and loves and misses his former fellow improvers. If you're looking for a tough guy, keep scrolling down, as Matt's favorite non-improv things are chick flicks and musicals.

Pavie Vega

As the founder of, Pavie has no doubt of her worth...and neither do the plethora of men who clamor to serve her. 

As a comedy performer, she serves as a model of poise, confidence, and sass. Just ask her. When not performing or keeping her men in line, she enjoys acting like she's posing for magazine covers on other people's exotic sports cars, stamp collecting, and photobombing vacationers' photos at various tourist traps around Central Florida.

Sean Philippe

Sean has been lost. He went out for tacos one night and never returned. He was wearing pajama pants, red and white striped penguine socks, and his "Vote for Trump" t-shirt (we don't judge). If you see him, please let us know. We miss him very much.

Tyler Parker

Tyler is an actor who specializes in topical and off-the-cuff humor. He has an encyclopedia of trivia and random knowledge in his brain. Known for his quick wit and passion for working with others, Tyler is trained in the Meisner technique of acting. He currently lives in Los Angeles.