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Meet the Troupe!

Jaime Queen - Owner & Director

Jaime is the founder of VCF, and the general  Master-of-All-That-is-Vaudeville. 

She has always been a big fan of improv and sketch comedy; SNL, Monty Python’s, The Kids in the Hall, and The Upright Citizens Brigade, just to name a few. While living New York City, she became involved in improv-based groups Improv Everywhere and Urban Madness. They introduced her to a new world in performing. 

Upon returned to Central Florida after several years in New York, she brought with her the driving need to share her passion for creating art in

                                       one of its most natural forms; improv. Thus, Vaudeville was born!

                                       She is EXTREMELY proud of her amazing VCF performers/family and all that                                            they have accomplished. She is also very blessed to have an outstanding                                                  support system with her husband, father, and Truthful Acting family.                                                            [email protected]

Alex 'White Chocolate' Blackwell - Performer Coordinator  

A Florida native, Alex got into acting through sheer circumstance and weird odds, and has now been acting for over 5 years. He has appeared in numerous projects during that time, including a short film, Modern Love, recently appearing in the 2016 Florida Film Festival. He is also a graduate from the Master Meisner program at Truthful Acting Studios.

[email protected]

Matt Townsend - Performer Mentor
Matt comes to us all the way from Terre Haute, IN. He is a graduate of SAK Comedy Lab and loves his fellow improvers. If you're looking for a tough guy, keep scrolling down, as Matt's favorite non-improv things are chick flicks and musicals.
[email protected]

Pavie Vega

As the founder of, Pavie has no doubt of her worth...and neither do the plethora of men who clamor to serve her. 

As a comedy performer, she serves as a model of poise, confidence, and sass. Just ask her. When not performing or keeping her men in line, she enjoys acting like she's posing for magazine covers on other people's exotic sports cars, stamp collecting, and photobombing vacationer’s photos at various tourist traps around Central Florida.

Carl Arrington

Resident Mermaid/Atlantean, Carl is an artist of all media, a Psychology major at UCF, and is pursuing a career in Alternative Medicine. His true passion is art of any form and his life is a continual performance. Also a trained vocalist, he assists Cristen with the troupe's vocal training. He hopes that you enjoy his sarcastic and dark sense of humor.

*Caution: He is known to bite when provoked.

Cristen Lewis

Cristen, a Master of Awesomeness in training, has recently joined VCF as vocal coach, crew, and bouncer. Please do not walk up behind Cristen and scare her; you might not survive it.

In her spare time, she enjoys crocheting hats for house elves and lightsaber cozies (kinda like a tea cozy, but…not).

Don’t tell her we told you this, but we’re all scared of her. She bites. Hard.

Daniel Alonso

Daniel is an amateur improvisational comedian and has been active since early 2015. Although graduated from the University of Central Florida for Experimental Studies in Animation, Daniel's passionate interest in comedy of both the written and improvisational forms is something that has followed him since the early days of his adolescence. He studied the basics of improvisation with local students through UCF's club, The Improv Academy, during the 2015 spring       semester, before joining Vaudeville Central Florida Improv & Performing Arts. 

Elizabeth 'DeeDee' Strauss
DeeDee has been interested in the performing arts since she was a girl. As an Autumn Rose, she chose Truthful Acting Studios for the serious and joyous study of acting. DeeDee has worked in independent films and a Web series.

Jane 'Caramel' Soliman 

Jane is an Egyptian American actor who's had extensive acting training from Truthful Acting Studios, training in improv from SAK University, and been in multiple films, live performances, commercials, and print work. Her pre-acting/improv background includes the medical and publishing fields, but she is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry. She'd like to thank Robb Maus and Marco DiGeorge for their neverending love, support, and wisdom, and Jaime for her vision for Vaudeville CF and making this happen for all the skilled and hard-working performers involved.

Jared Edge Miller

He's here too.

Jennifer Kalison

Jennifer has been in alt-folk duo The Eaves, improv group Mothership, and sketch group MunkDrunkees, as well as many under-to-somewhat-funded plays, videos, and films. She studied theater at Montclair State, as well as improv and sketch writing at Gotham City Improv, UCB Theatre, and with Armando Diaz. She is half of literary-comedy duo Some Girls, and her microfiction is occasionally published online. 
In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys snacking.

Jonathin 'Danger' Vazquez

Jonathin loves discussing Existentialism, super healthy water, and has an excessive farting problem.

Kimberly Wolski

Kimberly is the founder of the now defunct Winter Park Short Story Society which lead her to writing sketch comedies, movie shorts and the forming and performing as the 'other' half of the literary comedy duo Some Girls. 

Kimberly cultivated her comedy, improv skills and her altogether 'niceness' from Minneapolis, MN and sharpens her skills daily as a single mother of 2. 

Kimberly loves to keep things as short as her stature, as she is active in the Twitter community keeping jokes 140 characters or less. Her work on Twitter's Vines had garnered the attention of Comedy Central.

Sean Philippe

We have lost Sean. He went out for tacos one night and never returned. He was wearing pajama pants, red and white striped penguine socks, and his "Vote for Trump" t-shirt (we don't judge). If you see him, please let us know. We miss him very much.

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