Vaudeville Performing Arts

Causing scenes throughout Central Florida


Without our generous benefactors, we would not be where we are today. 

BIG thank you's to...

Paul Abuyo

Guillermo Alonso

Erika Arakaki-Barbanica

Roderick & Wendy Arakaki-Barbanica 

Ahmed Brooks

Carrie Brown

Adam Carter

DeeDee Strauss

Jawana Viventeminsaecula-Lockett

Truthful Acting Studios

     Marco DiGeorge

     Samantha DiGeorge

     Robb Maus

Catalyst Studios

      Tom Casey

Friendly Confines (South Orlando)

To become a benefactor, please click the 'Go Fund Me' link, below.   ALL monies collected through this campaign will be used towards various costs associated with the troupe. These costs include, but are not limited to: the hosting and maintenance of the troupe website, promotional items and activities, rehearsal space, a portable stage and sound system, costuming, storage space, and other event-specific needs.