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Audience Feedback

Audience Feedback


"I just love you guys!"

Barbara M. (Fill Our Sack, 12/2017)

"You guys are so good!

I love coming to your shows!"

Hannah C.. (Autumn Antics, 9/2017)

"When are you guys performing next?

I can't wait!"

Bryan D. (Laugh Lines, 7/2017)

"We had such a great time!
You guys put on a truly awesome show!"

Bryan D. (Laugh Lines, 7/2017)

"Wow, awesome show! I can't wait for the next one!"

Faye P. (Improv at The Venue, 6/2017)

"Best improv show I've ever been to - and
I've been to a lot of freaking improv
shows! When's the next show?"

Adam J. (Improv at The Venue, 6/2017)

                                            "I always enjoy coming to your shows. They're always such great fun!"

Brian P. (Spring Has Sprung, 4/2017)

One of the best kept secrets in Orlando,
I almost hate for anyone to find out about you guys.

Nina R. (The Improv Show Before Christmas, 12/2016)

"I had a great time with you all last night and I loved...
going up on stage and being part of the acting."

Darlene H. (Blind Love Preshow, 9/2016)

I liked it! Very funny!"

Seth B. (Much Ado About Improv, 4/2016)

"Oh my God, I freaking loved it! What an awesome show!"

Josh L. (Much Ado About Improv, 4/2016)

"Yaaaaaaaas! The show was great. LOVED it...!"

Samantha D. (Much Ado About Improv, 4/2016)

"Christmas themed improv and toy drive!
What could be better???"

Rebecca M. (The Improv Show Before Christmas, 12/2015)

"Great show! So funny!"               

James H. (A Night of Laughs!, 9/2015)

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