Vaudeville Performing Arts

Causing scenes throughout Central Florida


Meet the Troupe!

Jaime Queen - Owner/Director

Jaime is the founder of VCF, and the general Master-of-All-That-is-Vaudeville. 

While attending school in New York City, she became involved in improv-based groups Improv Everywhere and Urban Madness. They introduced her to a new world in performing. Upon returning to Central Florida, she brought with her the driving need to share her passion for creating art in  one of its most natural forms. Thus, Vaudeville was born!

When not attempting to wrangle performers with VCF, Jaime continues to create through writing and acting.

Alex 'White Chocolate' Blackwell

A Florida native, Alex got into acting through sheer circumstance and weird odds, and has now been acting for over 5 years. He has appeared in numerous projects during that time, including a short film, Modern Love, appearing in the 2016 Florida Film Festival. He is also a graduate from the Master Meisner program at Truthful Acting Studios.

Dylan Miller
Oh, hi. This is Dylan. His favorite thing to do is make people laugh. As a SAK Comedy Lab graduate, Dylan has participated in many classes (and shows) in the Central Florida area. Even performing at MegaCon. He has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to his personal characters and his hidden rap talents! (Ask him about DN Ca$hflow!)....

Bobby Devreaux

This is Robert Devreaux. He doesn't know how to take a photo, however he is pretty good at improv. He joined Vaudeville on 6/20/2018 and has been a sight to see. If you ever met him, you'd think 'who is this church mouse?' Words really can't describe him. Come to a show and see for yourself. No feeding him!

Holden Heyser

This is Holden. He has a pretty awesome 'stashe.

Bobby Orlando

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If the area of performance that you are interested in is not listed to the left, don't despair!  Please email Jaime with more information on your particular talents.

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